tirsdag 26. mai 2009

May flowers and spring bling?

I have one more kit I want to post about today! This is Spring Bling by Un-Leash-ed-Scraps. You can create some super sweet layouts with this, soft colors, lots of bling and some "dreamers" elements. It's so easy to work with because this whole kit contains so many great elements and papers that just work so well together.

I'm sure you're very eager to know where to get this goodie, and wait no more! It's available at both Ahhh! Scrap and Paradise4Scrappers.
And of course, here's my 2 layouts created with this kit:

New goodies worth checking out!

Jen Yurko has this adorable new kit up for sale, called Fairy Garden! It's seriously so sweet that you can't get enough of it! If you haven't gotten it already, make sure you go pick it up at Inspiration Lane!

Also, have you seen this freebie you can catch from Jen Yurko's blog? It's a blog train called Swann and Sparrow, and Jen's part is so fun! Don't forget to pick up the rest of the pieces and you'll end up with a great kit!

And Shanmomto4 Designs also has a kit that every scrapper can't get enough of. Those birthday pictures keep coming, and how do you keep them creative, different, fun and colorful? Well, Shannon has the answer, this kit is awesome for a couple years worth of birthdays! Here's 2 LO's I created using her new kit, Another year older:

Like I said, it's awesome! She also started selling at Pretty Scrappy, congrats! You can go pick up Another year older at either of these stores: Ahhh! Scrap, Pretty Scrappy or Digital Paper Hearts!

Template #2 - freebie

Here's my 2nd template! I forgot to add the words "photo" on the 3 lighter boxes, those are for your pictures! I think this is a pretty good template and have to give it a try. Look out for my version of the template posted here :)

mandag 25. mai 2009

New kit "Dottie Cool" - Freebie

I have had this kit laying around and decided now was the time to get this up and posted and ready. Well, here it is. Also, it's now named and thanks to those that gave name suggestions. I ended up going with "Dottie Cool", I think that one fits pretty well. Naming kits are not my strongest side, I have to admit.
I will also be posting some new layouts these next couple of days, and keep your eyes open for the Half Baked Girls blog train! It's being released on June 1st!
Well, here's the kit! Enjoy, and as always, I would love to see what you create with it!

Download Part 2

And an add-on alpha! This is my first full alpha, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)

torsdag 21. mai 2009

My take on the template

I was able to give my template a try today. Here it is. I also gave it my first try to use my kit Lily. I have to admit that I think the colors in this kit is a little too bright for my liking *lol* Not that it wasn't fun to create. But I'll do some more subtle colors from here on.

onsdag 20. mai 2009

Template freebie

I just created my first template today. Sometimes I love to work with templates because they give you new ways and ideas to work a layout. I hope my template will do the same for you! I have not had the chance to create a layout using this template yet, so I'm sorry for no preview. I will try to get one done tomorrow though. This is saved as a .psd file.

Download Template

A layout by Marie using my kit 'Lily'

I feel so honored, Marie used my kit and created this beautiful layout with it! I think it's so awesome, and I haven't seen any other layouts done with this kit before. Thank you for using my kit Marie!

tirsdag 19. mai 2009

Jen Yurko On-Call CT!

I'm proud to announce that I am on the on-call team for Jen Yurko! She has some fun and great kits and designs, and I'm excited to see what I can whip up from her stuff! I already have her blinkie on my blog here, so make sure you go check her out! http://blog.jenyurko.com/

She is also in the SYTYCD challenge, and has some amazing freebies on there. I created this layout using her Every Day kit for week 2.

You can get it here at DigiScrapAddicts.
Be on the lookout for her week 3 kit!
Also, in the occasion of being on Jen Yurko's team, I am opening a new gallery at Inspiration Lane. This is also where you can get ahold of Jen Yurko's kits and goodies :)

torsdag 14. mai 2009

Anyone else miss Mandy Mystiques?

I do! Here's a layout I created the other day with her sweet slumber kit.

Do you have a little monkey on your hands?

Check out this adorable new kit from Un-Leash-ed-Scraps! The colors are just awesome, the little monkeys are so cute and the whole kit is FUN to work with! I created 2 layouts with this kit, this was perfect for my monkey boy!

If you haven't gotten this already, make sure you do at either Ahhh! Scrap or Paradise4Scrappers!

fredag 8. mai 2009

New kit! - "Lily" Freebie

Here's a new free kit from me. This started out as a spring/summer/girl kinda kit, but it can easily be used for a boy. There's a lot of goodies in this kit, 15 papers and 27 elements! I also created a quickpage for you to use. Hope you enjoy this everyone!

onsdag 6. mai 2009

Shanmomto4 Designs

Here's some more layouts I created for Shanmomto4 Designs, her kits are sold at Ahhh! Scrap and Digital Paper Hearts :)


Here's some more layouts I've created for Un-Leash-ed-Scraps! You can find these adorable kits at her stores; Ahhh! Scrap and Paradise4Scrappers :)

Name the kit!

I'm working on this kit and I don't know what to name it! Take a look at these previews and let me know what you think! I'm far from done with the elements though, there's more to come.

fredag 1. mai 2009

Sneak Peak of new kit in progress!

I am pretty excited about my work in progress! Here's a really TINY sneak peak, but thought I would add it anyway!

New adorable kit from Un-Leash-ed-Scraps!

This is seriously an awesome kit! I loved working with it, and it has so many possibilities! Make sure you go pick it up tomorrow!! (Pssst, a bird told me they're having a sale this weekend!)

CT x2??

Guess what! I am so excited to announce that I am now also a part of the CT of Shanmomto4 Designs! She has some incredible kits available at these 2 stores; Ahhh Scraps! & Digital Paper Hearts. I've already been able to do some layouts with her kits, here's 4 I did from her kits; A Day At The Beach kit and her Girlfriend kit!

Both kits I've used for these layouts are available at her stores, either at Ahhh Scrap! or at Digital Paper Hearts!

Snips and Snails Mini kit freebie!

Here's my freebie mini kit! Hope you enjoy it. I am thinking about trying to make bigger kits... Actually, I am not thinking, I am working on one. It's called "Lily" and it will be my first girly kit! I am actually enjoying a little pink and flowers! I hope to be able to release it sometime in May.

Anywhoo, about snips and snails. I started off with this kit wanting it to be a total boy kit! I now see that it's not the best as far as the animals go, they are quite different. But all boy-ish still. I hope some of you will however be able to use it.

I did give it a go myself and whipped up a layout last night. Here it is:

So, instead of beating around the bush, here's the kit preview and download links!