tirsdag 18. august 2009

CT Call!

Since I was accepted to start selling at Enchanted Studio Scraps I am now having my first CT calll! I have scheduled to open my store Sept. 1st and would like to have some layouts done in my designer gallery there when that happens. After that I'll be releasing at least 1 kit a month, but I'll say that most like it'll be between 2-4 kits a month.

- 2 layouts pr. kit (1 for minis)
- upload to 3 galleries (Enchanted Studio Scraps gallery and2 of your own choice)
- Enable and help promote through forums and blog

To apply send an email to: julia_nicole@msn.com
Include your name, bio, other CT’s you belong to, most complete gallery and your blog if you have one!

Call ends August 26th!

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