fredag 25. september 2009

My Tribute to my CT's

I don't post nearly often enough about my awesome CT's and the designers. I don't post my LO's enough here on my blog, which I should, to make sure as many people as possible saw these gorgeous kits that I have a chance to work with. I don't make sure I always post when they are having sales and specials. But I do absolutely LOVE my teams, and here's my tribute post!

Shanmomto4 Designs:
A ton of talent in a sweet, caring package. Her kits are always sweet, fun and caring, you can't go wrong! With a wide variety of themes and colors, she creates kits for all occasions. You get awesome value in her kits. Even though some of her kits might *seem* girly, I have managed to create a LO with my SON's picture in it, each and every time! So don't let those elements with pink on them scare you. One more thing that's absolutely worth to mention, my blog dedicated to my son; Birkville, wears one of her kits, called "Zoom Zoom". She currently sells at Sunshine Studio Scraps, Scrapable and Ahhh Scrap! However, she is about to close her shop at Ahhh Scrap, so you can make some great deals over there for a limited time.

Designs by Jen Yurko:
This chick is full of energy and a bucket of laughs, and you can totally tell in her kits! They are fun, imaginative, and you can't help but giggle when you see LO's made with her work. Most of her kits are gender neutral, and versatile. Very unique and fun elements in her kits, makes her work so fun and different. She's done some amazing collabs with other great designers, and she contributes to a fun, happy environment in the digi scrap world. Jen currently sells at Inspiration Lane as well as the newly opened Daydreamer Designworks.

When my son was born, I had someone make me a siggy at a parenting board. This someone was Leasha and she got me interested in making my own siggies. It all evolved from there. Leasha has an eye for details and elements. She knows placement and clustering like no other. I think personally, because of that, she has some amazing elements in her kits. There's a little bit of everything and her kits are perfect for those cluster LO's. She's been busy this summer and with computer issues, there's been fewer kits released from her. However, the ones that she does release are absolute goodies! She currently sells at Ahhh Scrap!

Thank you so much to these designers, that have given me the chance and oppertunity to work with their kits. I hope that although I might not post and promote or enable as often as I absolutely should, I do my best and love to be one of your team members. Thank you!

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