søndag 27. desember 2009

BTA Designs

I'm slowly getting back into the digital scrapbooking world, and I'm loving it. I've also started printing my LO's which has definitely given me a new drive to get back into the game. So I took the plundge and applied to BTA Designs for her new CT! I'm happy to announce that I made it! Thank you Breanne, for giving me a chance! Her designs are mostly templates, and they are so detailed and well made! I hope you check out her stuff, which you can find at Scrapable and soon Enchanted Studio Scraps!

I'm sure I'll be sharing a lot of her templates so stay on the look out! Here's 3 of my LO's created using her templates, from a template pack 7:

Kit: Mele Kalikimeke Collab at Scrapable

Kit: Chocolately Goodness by Designs by Jen Yurko

Kit: Dreaming Of You by Shanmomto4 Designs

Random LO's

I've gotten my first digital scrapbook printed. It's for my son and his first year. While I had a lot of LO's saved on my harddrive, I still had to create some new LO's to fill some special occasions. When I started creating digital LO's I didn't think I'd ever get them printed, so I've saved some of my files too small. Anyway, here's a few of my newer LO's:

My first double pages using no template, kit: Another Year Older by Shanmomto4 Designs

Kit: Sweet Slumber by Mandy Mystiques

Kit: Chocolatey Goodness by Designs by Jen Yurko
Template: from Songbird Avenue - by Jan Crowley

Kit: Sweetness by Bèa Scrap and Design

mandag 21. desember 2009

Sweet Christmas Freebie

Here's my christmas gift to you. A mini kit freebie. Not a whole lot, but a little something. Hope you like it.
Download HERE

fredag 18. desember 2009

One week and it's Christmas!

Can you believe it's only another week and then it's Christmas already!? Woah, even with the tree up, the house decorated, Christmas songs on the stereo, it's still a little strange to think how close it is. I'm so excited this year because my son is 20 mos old instead of 8 months old, and will hopefully have a wonderful day! I can't wait to see his face and expressions and see if he enjoys all his new toys! He's done well this year, too well. So Mommy has to save some gifts for his birthday and next Christmas.

Anyway, my point with this post, is that on Monday, the 21st, I will give you guys my gift to you this year. It's a little mini freebie, but hopefully enjoyed never the less. I haven't had a chance to design anything since October was it? I'm excited to get it out there to you guys.

And I have some fun updates to give to you, so stay tuned and check in every once in a while between christmas dinners, wrapping papers and champagne! ;)

søndag 13. desember 2009

Template Freebie!

I have a new freebie for you. It's been too long, so I hope you enjoy this. It's a template this time. I enjoy making templates, almost as much as I enjoy using them myself. It does give you new ideas and ways of thinking while creating. At least it does to me. This download version only contains a .psd file so it does require photoshop. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.

To make sure the template was good to go, I used it myself and created this LO using it:

I used Shanmomto4 Designs kit named "Dreaming of you". Isn't it just gorgeous? I absolutely recommend checking out her stuff at Scrapable. She is awesome.

Anyway, here's the template. No fancy packaging, but you get the idea non the less :)

Download HERE

Make sure you leave a comment if you download, and I'd love to see a gallery link if you use it!

Some random LO's

Kit by Mandy Mystiques "Sunshine and Rainbows"

Kit by Kay Miller "Nature Friends"

Kit by Nanine "Only Blue"

Kit by Shanmomto4 Designs "Lift Me Up" - Template by LeenieLou Designs

Kit by Shanmomto4 Designs "Autumn Breeze" - Template by LePinguin Designs

onsdag 9. desember 2009

Winter Memories

Shanmomto4 Designs released this adorable winter kit last week. It's cute, with fun and whimsical inspired snowmen. Lots of fun little details in this kit. This kit is available at Scrapable!


Well, this fall has been busy, crazy and somewhat of a rollecoaster ride for me personally. I was so excited to start selling my products and creations over at Enchanted Studio Scraps, but it appearantly was not the right time for me. On top of being overloaded, my computer was fried and took an eternity to fix. I was very happy and glad to pick it up today.

I did resign from ESS. It was a tough decision, but the only fair one to the rest of the team on the site. I also did resign from my CT positions with Jen Yurko Deigns and Un-Leash-ed-Scraps. They were 2 awesome designers and I miss creating for them.

I stayed with Shanmomto4 Designs, and I'll be adding a ton of LO's using her products from now on. Since I'm not selling my products anymore, there will also be posted some freebies at various times as well as templates.

I hope to start selling again some day, but as for when, I'm not sure. For now I hope you enjoy the freebies that will pop up here and there as well as my other creations using Shanmomto4 Designs' products!

Have a wonderful December everyone :)

Shanmomto4 Designs now exclusive at Scrapable!