søndag 27. desember 2009

BTA Designs

I'm slowly getting back into the digital scrapbooking world, and I'm loving it. I've also started printing my LO's which has definitely given me a new drive to get back into the game. So I took the plundge and applied to BTA Designs for her new CT! I'm happy to announce that I made it! Thank you Breanne, for giving me a chance! Her designs are mostly templates, and they are so detailed and well made! I hope you check out her stuff, which you can find at Scrapable and soon Enchanted Studio Scraps!

I'm sure I'll be sharing a lot of her templates so stay on the look out! Here's 3 of my LO's created using her templates, from a template pack 7:

Kit: Mele Kalikimeke Collab at Scrapable

Kit: Chocolately Goodness by Designs by Jen Yurko

Kit: Dreaming Of You by Shanmomto4 Designs

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