fredag 18. desember 2009

One week and it's Christmas!

Can you believe it's only another week and then it's Christmas already!? Woah, even with the tree up, the house decorated, Christmas songs on the stereo, it's still a little strange to think how close it is. I'm so excited this year because my son is 20 mos old instead of 8 months old, and will hopefully have a wonderful day! I can't wait to see his face and expressions and see if he enjoys all his new toys! He's done well this year, too well. So Mommy has to save some gifts for his birthday and next Christmas.

Anyway, my point with this post, is that on Monday, the 21st, I will give you guys my gift to you this year. It's a little mini freebie, but hopefully enjoyed never the less. I haven't had a chance to design anything since October was it? I'm excited to get it out there to you guys.

And I have some fun updates to give to you, so stay tuned and check in every once in a while between christmas dinners, wrapping papers and champagne! ;)

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