onsdag 9. desember 2009


Well, this fall has been busy, crazy and somewhat of a rollecoaster ride for me personally. I was so excited to start selling my products and creations over at Enchanted Studio Scraps, but it appearantly was not the right time for me. On top of being overloaded, my computer was fried and took an eternity to fix. I was very happy and glad to pick it up today.

I did resign from ESS. It was a tough decision, but the only fair one to the rest of the team on the site. I also did resign from my CT positions with Jen Yurko Deigns and Un-Leash-ed-Scraps. They were 2 awesome designers and I miss creating for them.

I stayed with Shanmomto4 Designs, and I'll be adding a ton of LO's using her products from now on. Since I'm not selling my products anymore, there will also be posted some freebies at various times as well as templates.

I hope to start selling again some day, but as for when, I'm not sure. For now I hope you enjoy the freebies that will pop up here and there as well as my other creations using Shanmomto4 Designs' products!

Have a wonderful December everyone :)

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