lørdag 30. januar 2010

Lovable You - Freebie

So, did you hear that Brownie Scraps is having a designer contest? It's my first official contest, and I'm really excited about it. And, I hope it resaults in some fab freebies for you (and myself) to download. Here's the main gallery of goodies!

Here's my mini:

You can find the download link in the description of the preview, click HERE.

fredag 22. januar 2010

torsdag 21. januar 2010

Splish Splash, are you taking a bath?

Did you ever have some specific pictures in mind and couldn't find the right kit for it? This recently happened to me. I have a bunch of bathtime pictures that I need to scrap, but hadn't come across a good kit for them. I went looking and couldn't really find anything I immediately fell in love with. I figured I'd suggest it to Shanmomto4 Designs, and she whipped up this gorgeous, but yet fun kit. A bathtime kit needs to encourage play, and this one certainly does!

It's called "Splash Time" and can be found at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

Also, Charlize Creations just released her new kit "Play it Again" over at Polka Dot Plum and Scrapbook Bytes. Here's my LO using her kit:

You can find Play it Again at PDP and SBB!

mandag 11. januar 2010

New Freebie Template for your P-365!

So, how is your Project 365 going? I'm still up to date on mine, but I can see that this is gonna take some serious will power to keep up through out the year! Thinking how neat it will be to look back on a whole year like that is what keeps me wanting to so it. And with templates I'm sure it'll be easier. Which is why I'm determined to share some with you! It's hard to make a LO with 7 photos and journaling without making it look cluttered. But I really like how this template turned out. So I really hope you enjoy it as well.

Here's my LO created using the template:

And here's the template:

You can get it HERE. As always this file only contains a .psd file and 12x12 format.

Have a great day and remember to check back for more template freebies and other goodies that might show up ;)

søndag 10. januar 2010

Charlize Creations

I'm proud and excited to announce that I've joined the CT of Charlize Creations. She's got some colorful and playful kits and I've already had the pleasure of working with 2 of these. She just opened her store at Polka Dot Plum and Scrapbook-bytes, as well as selling at Daydreamer Designworks!

New kit from Shanmomto4 Designs

Another gorgeous kit from Shannon, a beautiful and well put-together kit that is perfect for your Project 365 LO's! Here's my take on it, and of course, my first LO of P-365!

You can get this new kit at Sunshine Studio Scarps. Get it quickly now while it's on sale!

lørdag 2. januar 2010

New LO's made of BTA Designs' Templates!

Since joining the BTA Designs crew, I've been able to play around with some awesome templates. One of my favorite things about templates, is that it force me to scrap out of the box, and it challenges me to add my special touch to them. However, if I really need to scrap a LO and don't have as much time as I'd like, templates are great for that purpose as well.

Anyway, my point is (yes I do have one *lol*), here's what I came up with using 2 of her template packs. You can now get them both at Scrapable and Enchanted Studio Scraps.

Kit: 4 The Boys by Designs by Jen Yurko

kit: Fancy Free by Shanmomto4 Designs *NEW*- released 1/1 at Scrapable

Kit: A Nature Walk by Mandy Mystiques

Kit: Once In A Blue Moon by Kasia Designs

Kit: Picture Your Life by Cardamome

Kit: Rainy Day Blues by Chaos Lounge

Kit: Funky Christmas Collab at Digital-Crea

Template Challenge at Shanmomto4 Designs' Forum!

I'm on the CT for Shanmomto4 Designs and I'm a huge fan of her work. Therefor I gladly help her whenever possible, and this time I did a template for her challenge at her forum. It's for January and the rules are super simple. Plus, you get a free template and an awesome participation prize.

Here's a preview of the template and my LO created using it:

I created this template with P365 in mind. I will be doing it this year, and figured since it's a huge project, and time consuming, a lot of people might welcome the template *lol* I'll probably add more templates as freebies on my blog now and then that are specifically designed for P365.
Anyway, make sure you go and pick up this template at Shanmomto4 Designs' forum, which are located HERE! What a great way to start 2010, eh? ;)